Below are some questions I get asked quite frequently when interacting with clients. If there’s a question on your mind, try having a read through the below before getting in touch!

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What exactly is an SME tech consultant?

Quite honestly, it’s a name I made up myself. 😉

I like to think of myself as a personal consultant for small and medium sized businesses who need help with improving and growing their business but can’t quite justify paying a large consultancy firm to help them.

I have a wide range of skills and I think I’m doing a big disservice by not utilising all of these skills. What skills do I have exactly? Well there’s UX consulting, UI design, .NET development, app development, web development, WordPress development, business intelligence reporting and dashboard design, project management, business analysis, data analysis, admin… You name it, I’ve probably done it.

Therefore as a tech consultant, I’m not just a developer who builds and fixes things, although I’m super awesome that those things! I’m also your advisor and your coach.

What makes you so special?

I truly honestly care about you and your business. I like to work closely with business owners to make sure that we are looking not only at the right solution but also making sure that we are trying to solve the right problem.

Therefore when I implement solutions for you, I’m not just whacking something together, handing it over to you and leaving you to your own devices. I want to make sure that whatever I build for you is a sustainable solution that you will be able to manage yourself. I want to make sure that when I stop working with you, you’ll be able to continue on with doing what you need to do to keep your business humming and growing.

How much do you charge?

If you check out the Services section, you’ll get a rough indication of pricing. For website/online marketing services and data analysis services, I will generally use a fixed rate. For any other consulting service, depending on the complexity and size, I will either charge an hourly rate, a day rate or a fixed rate – whichever makes the most sense.

If I work with you do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes – a 50% deposit is required before work commences with the remaining 50% due within 7 days of project completion. Please check my Terms & Conditions page

How can I pay you?

If you are in Australia, I accept bank deposits and will provide bank account details when you are invoiced.

For overseas customers, you can pay me via PayPal and I will invoice you via PayPal – please note additional charges will be required if you choose to use PayPal.

I can also accept credit card payments – however please let me know if you’d like to pay with this method as additional service charges will apply.

How long does it take you to complete a piece of work?

This all depends on the size of your project as well as the number of projects I’ve got going on at any one time.

It also depends on our ability to communicate with each other regularly and action any items in a timely manner so that there are no hold ups.

How long does it take you to complete a piece of work?

Please visit my Terms & Conditions page – please note that by engaging with me and paying a deposit, you agree to these conditions.


I’ve looked at your packages and I am not sure if they fit my requirements.

That’s OK! Get in touch anyway and we can discuss putting together a customized package tailored to your requirements.

Do you offer graphic design & content writing services?

No, however for projects that require graphic design or content writing, I will bring in the right experts to work with me.

What is an “online presence”?

Pretty much everything that’s been published about or promotes your business on the Internet. This includes things like:

  • Your website.
  • Your business social media accounts.
  • Reviews on other websites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor.
  • Articles and blog posts written about you.
  • Your blog.
  • Your email signature.
  • Your Google Maps Business Account.
  • Email newsletters you send out.
  • Your visibility on search engines.
  • Ads and banners promoting your business on other websites (e.g. Gumtree, affiliate ads, etc).

Some of these things you have full control over such as your website. Some of these things you have limited control over such as social media accounts (i.e. if Facebook were to close down tomorrow and you have a Facebook business page, then that is an entire online marketing avenue gone!). Some of these things you have no control over at all such as reviews left by others on Yelp.

Obviously you can’t do much about the things you have little or no control over. But you can make the most of using tools and platforms that you do have full control over such as an epic website that is the source of truth about your business and helps promote and run your business!

Why do I need a website? Isn’t having a Facebook business page/Insta account enough?

When you’re starting out, you can get away with just using a Facebook page and an Insta account to market your business and take bookings and make sales.

But as your business grows, you will find that relying 100% on social media is only going to cause havoc.

With a website, you can automate so many processes such as taking bookings and orders and not needing to answer the same question asked by every customer. With your own website you can further grow your business by offering digital products such as eBooks and webinars or even start up your own blog.

Plus, provided you go with self-hosting, your website is 100% owned by you. Your Facebook page is owned by Facebook and if they were to go bust tomorrow and stop operating, that’s a huge chunk of your online marketing gone.

Check out my blog post explaining the 5 good reasons why your business needs a website.

Can’t I just build my own website for free?

Certainly by all means, go ahead! There are quite a few tools out there to get people set up with a free and basic website and it’s a great option if you just want to get an idea out there with little to no funds.

But compared to a fully self-hosted website, you will have a lot less control over what is displayed and how the website looks.

For example with the free version of Wix, your website will display Wix banner ads and you will have a domain that looks like – things that don’t give an overly professional look to your website. The same goes for the free version of (not to be confused with

Do you provide hosting and domain name services?

I provide hosting packages for those clients who’d like to work me and use my web development/design services. Please enquire for more information.

If you’d like to purchase a domain, I’d recommend purchasing yourself through a domain name provider such as Crazy Domain.

What is a web host?

Think of a web host as a house for your business that stores all the files, images, code and data used to display and structure your website.

There are plenty of web hosts out there to choose from of all varying costs. Be sure to do your research and check out reviews before selecting a host.

What is a domain?

While the web host is the house, a domain is the address of your website. For example, my domain is

If you’re after a domain, you will need to provide proof that you are running an Australian business such as an ABN or ACN number.

You can either purchase a domain separately through a provider such as Crazy Domains or you can purchase as part of your web hosting plan.

Do you provide on-going support?

Get in contact to discuss some options in regards to providing on-going support. I generally offer clients who get a website built through me 12 month maintenance packages to ensure your website is kept secure and up-to-date.

How do I get my website on the first page of Google?

Unfortunately it’s not a case of “just build it and they will come”. It takes a lot of work and effort to get a website ranking highly on Google.

As a starting point, I’d recommend checking out The Beginner’s Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), courtesy of Moz.

Get in contact if you’d like to discuss working together to improve your website’s SEO.

What platforms do you use for building websites?

I predominantly work with WordPress because of its high level of flexibility and the fact it’s one of the most popular CMS systems in the world with 25% of the world’s websites running on WordPress.

In saying that, choosing the correct platform depends on your needs and budget and I am more than happy to discuss this with you.



Why does my business need data analysis and reporting?

Do you collect data on customers, orders, expenses, etc but no idea what any of this means for your business? You need help with reporting.

Or do you produce reports on a regular basis but getting frustrated with the time it takes to put these reports together? You need help with reporting.



What are some examples of inefficiencies that could be affecting my business?

Anything that is getting in the way of you focusing on your core business and business growth. Some examples?

  • Taking orders by phone – have you thought about implementing an online system where people make orders and payments?
  • Booking appointments and confirming that customers are still able to make their appointment – consider setting up an online appointment booking system.
  • Planning work – you’re getting run over with projects but struggling to actually deliver all projects on time. You probably need help with project pipelining and planning.
  • Manually sending out content to users.
How do I know if any improvement has been made after working with you?

I like to use a data-driven approach. We’ll use the appropriate data to put together a baseline report and then track improvements during and after the roll-out of the program/solution.

Still haven’t answered any of your questions? Then feel free to get in touch!