Danielle Mate Sullivan Online Shop

Danielle Mate Sullivan Online Shop

URL: https://daniellematesullivan.com.au/shop

Background: Danielle Sullivan is a Sydney-based Aboriginal artist whose works feature in the personal collections of Barack Obama and Ellen DeGeneres.

I was asked to build an online store on her existing website (original website built by the incredible Your One And Only) so she could sell prints and bags featuring her art work. While the initial set-up was straight forward, there were a lot of complexities around the shipping rules which required some custom code in the back-end to get the shipping calculations working correctly when selecting a particular product or groups of products.

As the existing website was built on WordPress, the WooCommerce plugin was used to build the online store.

Work Required:

  • Setting up and configuring WooCommerce and integration with PayPal.
  • CSS styling so the look of the store was consistent with the rest of the website.
  •  Custom PHP coding to enable complex shipping rules and display the correct shipping option when adding a particular product or group of products to cart.
  • Use of product variables to keep all prints on one product page and all bags on one product page.
  • (Upcoming) Training session over video call to get Danielle going with managing the store and orders herself.
  • Uploading products into the online store.




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July 26, 2018