Data Analysis Services:

Data Analysis For Better Business Decisions

Do you have a whole lot of data about your customers, products and sales but no idea what it all means?

Maybe you are running your own reports but spending too much time putting it all together?

I offer services to consolidate data and design reports and visualizations that will save you time, provide the insights you are after and help you make better business decisions.

General Process

1) Choose an area of your business or 1 or 2 key questions you’d like to answer using the data you currently have (or can easily be collected – we can work together on this). Need some ideas? Check out these examples.

2) I connect to your relevant data sources and design a visualization/dashboard/report that provides insights and answers your key questions.

3) You are free to run this report as often as you like – any new data will come into this report so your insights are always accurate and relevant.

Starting from $359 AUD.

Examples of Data Reporting


  • Who is your typical customer? Where do they live? How old are they? Are they male or female? Are they parents? How often do they order from you? When do they order from me (time of year, time of day, etc).
  • How long does someone spend on a website before they check-out and purchase? Is there a difference between new and returning customers?
  • What payment methods are the most popular? Is there a relationship between payment method and amount ordered? (e.g. if someone uses AfterPay, they could be spend a greater total than someone paying with a credit card). 


  • How often are customers abandoning their carts before checking out? What kind of products are in their carts? What is the average cost of an abandoned cart?
  • Is there a correlation between time taken for an order to be delivered to a customer and whether they come back as a return customer?


  • What are your stock levels like? How often are you having to purchase new stock for particular products/services? What impact do stock levels have on orders