Website & Online Marketing Services

Building A Solid Online Presence That Converts

An online presence isn’t just about whacking up a website and hoping someone will magically stumble upon your business in a Google search. 

So when I work with you, I’m not just building a website and letting you figure the rest out yourself. Consider me your coach with a real personal interest in making sure you are building a solid platform for a killer online presence.

 Because no two businesses are the same, I work closely with you to get a good understanding of your needs and pain points so you are only paying for the services that will bring value to your business. Here are some of the services I offer:

Customized packages: I also offer fully customized packages that align with your requirements. For more information about these, get in touch.

Starter Level Web Builds

These packages are recommended for those with a limited budget and very little time and expertise to DIY. You provide the content, I get it all set up for you!

All starter level build packages include:

* Full technical set-up & configuration: Help with purchasing web hosting & domain, SSL certificate installation, etc.
* Basic SEO set-up so you are on the right path to optimizing your website for search.
* Google Analytics installation so you can keep track of visitors and conversion rates.
* A free PDF checklist containing next steps for building & managing your online presence either yourself or hiring a pro.
* A 1-hour video call to walk you through the basics of managing and keeping your website up-to-date.

Single Page Website

For those that just need to quickly get the word out about their business as a starting point and give their online presence more credibility. 

Max 5 sections.
Contact form.
* Links to social media accounts.

Starting from $599 AUD.

eCommerce Website

For those who want to sell products and services online and take payments online. 

* Max 20 products across 4x categories
About Us page.
* Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy & Returns Policy pages
* Contact Us page
* Links to social media account
Integration with major payment platforms.

Starting from $1399 AUD.

Fully interactive information website

When a single page website quite won’t cut it and you need more advanced functionality and ability to have more content.

Max 6 pages (home page, contact page + 4 additional pages)
Contact form on Contact page.
Links to social media accounts.
* Implement 2-3 special features as required (e.g. image gallery, email newsletter sign-up, etc).

Starting from $999 AUD.

Note: Charges apply for additional features,  advanced design and UX services, content creation, advanced SEO services, additional pages or products and other items not listed in the above packages.

Deluxe Level Web Builds

This is a completely tailor-made package for those who want to launch something truly epic and make sure everything is in good shape before launching. Examples? Maybe you are a well-established brick-and-mortar store who wants to start selling products online. Maybe you want to build a fully featured membership website with a large amount of content.

General Approach:

1) Start off with a questionnaire to learn more about your business/idea/vision and goals and what you hope to achieve with your website/online application.

2) Set up a Pinterest mood board to collate ideas from other websites and branding that you like the look of.

3) Workshop together in person or by video conference going through all the information and Pinterest mood board ideas to come up with an action plan for building your web site and online presence.

4) Implementation: Split into two stages: design and build, with regular milestones and check-in points to make sure the project is staying on track to deliver.

5) Testing & reviewing before launching.

Starting from $1149 AUD.

Web Revamps

With the world changing so quickly and more people turning to the Internet to learn about products and services, it is vital more than ever that your online presence is up-to-date. If your business has been around for quite some time but your website is looking out-dated and clunky and you’re not really appearing in search engine results and having issues with conversion rates then you may be in great need of a good web revamp.

General Process:

1) Start off with a questionnaire to learn more about your business, goals, current online marketing efforts and issues you have been facing.

2) Conduct a full audit of your online presence which covers design and layout, SEO, content, security, branding & colours, traffic and social media presence. Competitor research also conducted. Recommendations will be provided, which may also include recommendations outside of my scope such as photography and video.

3) Set up a Pinterest mood board to collate ideas from other websites and branding that you like the look of.

4) Workshop together in person or by video conference to go over the information from the research & analysis phase, prioritising and deciding what areas you’d like to focus on and build an action plan.

5) Implement action plan with regular milestones and check-in points to make sure the project is staying on track to deliver and aligns with your vision and goals.

5) Testing & reviewing before launching.

Starting from $1299 AUD.

DIY Coaching

Perfect for those who have limited funds and are open to the idea of using the DIY approach to build their website and online presence.

I can offer one-off services to get you kick-started or a regular weekly or fortnightly service where I can provide advice and help keep you accountable and staying on track.

Starting from $249 AUD for a one-off session. Get in touch to discuss on-going sessions.