Streamlining & Automating Processes Services:

Streamlining & Automating Processes For Greater Efficiency

If you are spending far too much time and effort performing a particular task then you’ve probably found yourself with an inefficient process that could be improved. I’ll help you come up with a solution to eliminate this inefficiency so you can spend more time on your core business.

General Process

My general approach is to use a data-driven, iterative approach where we test different solutions and “fail fast” before going ahead with a final solution to eliminating any identified inefficiencies.

1) Identify inefficiencies and conduct analysis of what is causing the inefficiencies and the impact these are having on the business.

2) Compile a baseline report that uses data to highlight the current situation and can be used for comparison during solution implementation.

3) Identify solutions to eliminate inefficiencies and decide on a duration to test the solution.

4) Measure improvements made compared to baseline report.

5) Iterate and continue with current solution or test a different solution depending on results.

6) Roll out a final solution that best fits the problem.