When you book with K SCRIVENER SME TECH CONSULTANT and pay your deposit, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined on this page.

Therefore it is your responsibility to ensure you are able to meet these terms prior to payment being made.


1.1 These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time so please make sure you review this page from time to time.

1.2 You understand and accept that I offer the following services:

  • Services around website builds, revamps and online marketing – includes both consulting and implementation.
  • Services around data collection, integrity, analysis and reporting – includes both consulting and implementation.
  • Consulting and advising businesses with challenges and inefficiencies – may also include implementation.


2.1 Initial Quotes: Quotes are only based on knowledge and requirements provided at the time of putting the quote together and are subject to change if it is discovered that other work needs to be completed that sits outside the original scope. 

2.2 Quote Validity: Quotes are valid for a maximum of 30 days. If you do not accept this quote and proceed to make payment during this time then you will need to engage with me and request a new quote. Please note that the costs in the new quote may differ from your original quote.

2.3 Approval of Quote: Quotes must be accepted with an approval email that says something along the lines of “Sounds good to me”, “I approve”, “Happy to go ahead”, etc. Making payment of your deposit and not sending an approval email is also considered an approval and acknowledgement that you agree to my terms & conditions.

2.4 Deposit: A non-refundable 50% deposit is required prior to work commencing with the remaining 50% due within 7 days of the final invoice being issued. Once payment has been made, I require proof (either money received in my account or an email receipt provided/screenshot) that payment has been made before I schedule your work in.

2.4 Quoting higher-end web services: For services such as the Deluxe Web Build package or a full website revamp, a final quote will not be provided until completion of the action plan during the workshop as this determines the full scope of the project. Please set aside an additional $3000 AUD as a minimum for the build and design phase.

2.5 Scheduling of work once deposit paid: I work on a first-in, first-served basis, so if your deposit arrives 2 months later and I have a whole lot of other work on, I have every right to push your work back even if you engaged with me first.

2.6 Payment of revision/feedback: Quotes include a fixed amount of feedback/revision rounds, with this figure dependent on the project. If extra feedback rounds are required, this will be charged at an additional cost using my hourly rate of $60 AUD.

2.7 Additional work costs: If it is discovered that additional work is required at any stage of the project that sits outside the original scope and did not form part of the original quote then additional charges will apply to the total project cost. The client will be notified of these additional costs and asked for approval to include these in the project scope before proceeding.

2.8 Additional costs: Additional costs incurred to complete the project will also be charged to you – I will make sure to let you know of these costs before going ahead. These include but are not limited to: travel costs, postage, printing, online software, stock images, fonts and premium themes.

2.9 Method of Payment: For all Australian-based clients, I require payment to be made by bank deposit. For international clients, I will invoice you using PayPal – please note that payments made by PayPal will require additional charges to cover PayPal service fees.

2.10 Payment for higher-end web services: For services such as the Deluxe Web Build package or a full website revamp, the initial 50% deposit only accounts for the initial research, analysis & workshopping phase. Once the action plan has been completed during the workshop, an invoice will be issued for the remaining 50% plus a 50% deposit for the next phase of the project (design & build). This invoice is to be paid within 7 days and no further work will commence until this is paid in full.

2.11 Payment for other consulting services: I reserve the right to use either an hourly rate, day rate or a fixed rate depending on the type of project, complexity and size. This will be discussed with you before proceeding. If an hourly or day rate is used, I will provide a quote based on an estimated amount of days/hours required for the project and a 50% deposit will be required based on this total cost. For projects using an hourly or day rate, accurate time recording will be kept and final cost will be based on this.

2.12 Late Payments: You accept responsibility for any invoice that remains unpaid for more than 8 days. This responsibility includes paying 10% interest on your overdue account from the 8th day through to the 20th day. For accounts more than 21 days in arrears, a 20% invoice late fee will be charged and debt collectors will be engaged. You will be responsible for paying for the debt collectors too. 


3.1 Business Hours: My official business hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM AEST. While you may receive emails from me, I appreciate not receiving any phone calls or text messages outside of these hours. I also appreciate your understanding if you send me an email outside of these hours and I do not respond straight away.

3.2 Communication is key: If you would like a deadline to be met, we need to be both communicating with each other. This means that if you ask for something to be done by a particular time, I will get it done (unless some disastrous technical issues prevents me from doing so). In turn, if I ask you to complete something for me so I can do my job then I would appreciate having this done in a timely manner. 

3.3 Full involvement: In order for the project to succeed, I would appreciate your full involvement. This means being able to attend workshops and meetings and either giving as much notice as possible to reschedule or nominating someone else on your behalf to attend.

3.3 Full transparency: I use whatever tools work best for you and the project to ensure full transparency of the project status, what items are in progress and (if applicable) hours and time spent on the project.

3.4 Preferred Method of Communication: Email is the quickest and it’s always good to have things down in writing so that we both have a good track record. However I may suggest jumping on to a phone or video call to clarify things. 

3.5 Meetings: Before we start work, we’ll decide on the amount of set time we’d like to spend each week catching up whether in person or by video conference. If additional meetings are required on top of the agreed amount, I will charge by the hour at my hourly rate of $60. 

3.6 Termination: If at any time you wish to terminate your project with me, you must provide 7 days notice and notify me in writing. I will proceed to bill you for work undertaken at the time and any costs incurred from completing this work. You will also be liable to pay for all third-party expenses we have incurred, or are due to incur. 

3.7 Handover After Termination: Once payment has been made, I will proceed to handover any work and required information such as account login details.

3.8 Postponement of Work: If at any time after payment of deposit has been made you decide to postpone work to a later time, you must give at least 7 days notice and you will be required to pay for any work that has been completed. Please note that I then reserve the right to reschedule the remaining work at a date of my choice. 

3.9 Urgent jobs: If you have a job that is urgent and I decide to take it on, I will charge an additional 25% on top of the final cost.

3.10 My time working with you: Please acknowledge that you will not be my sole client. This means that I will not be able to spend all day, everyday on your project. However I will ensure that deadlines are met and that full transparency will be given especially when circumstances arise that mean deadlines might require adjusting.

3.11 Post-project completion: It is your responsibility to ensure that you are happy with the work done prior to giving your sign-off. I will apply a 7 day grace period to iron out any issues that pop-up after project completion. However after that time, I hold no responsibility for any further issues that appear and will charge the appropriate rate to resolve this issue for you.


4.1 From time to time I may bring in others with the skills I might lack to work on a project or to help me out when I have too much work on. If they are sub-contracted to me, then I will be liable for the performance of these sub-contractors and all reasonable endeavours will be made to manage their performance. However, if I refer them and hand them over to work with you separately, then I do not hold any responsibility for any issues you might face whilst working with them.


5.1 Guarantee of full confidentiality: When you work with me, you can be guaranteed that I will make endeavours to keep all content, data, business intelligence and marketing ideas completely confidential.

5.2 Sharing user account information: You agree to share any required access to your accounts such as web hosting, domain, WordPress, email marketing and any other online accounts or data sources relevant to the project. I agree to keep these confidential as per clause 6.1


6.1 Supply of content: You are responsible for ensuring that you have the rights to use any content that you provide me for your project. I will not be held responsible for any breaches of IP or associated problems.

6.2 Content Sourcing: I endeavour to ensure that the appropriate rights have been given to any content that I or a third-party supplier source for your project.